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Bead Stringer and Jewellery Repair Assistant

Responsibilities and duties include:

  • Beading and stringing luxury jewelry items such as bracelets
  • Making leather bracelets from quality material
  • Repairing jewelry for customer on request
  • Working to production targets
  • working as part of a team to meet tight deadlines
  • sealing and gluing items to finish ‘the look’
  • cleaning work areas
  • reporting any problems during the shift to supervisors
  • ensuring you are working to the required health and safety standards

Essential skills required:

  • Honest, reliable and trustworthy attitude to work
  • Affinity and talented to work with their hands and complete hand crafted jewellery
  • Enjoys working under pressure and deliver quality outcome during busy periods
  • Understands English to comply with all instructions
  • Fair level of physical fitness to carry out packing for 8-hour shifts
  • Basic written in English to label items if required
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