The Tateossian Guide to Different Types of Cufflinks

Feb 08 ,2018
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Although there are many different types of cufflinks out there, it can be difficult to find the right accessory to match your distinct style and personality. In the past, the design of cufflinks largely followed a standard structure, whereas the modern gentleman has a much larger base of designs, colours and styles available to him. Of course, the history of cufflinks still plays a vital role in the designs that are on offer today, but individuality and personalisation now rule the roost when it comes to men’s formal accessories.

Cufflinks make the perfect accessory of choice for completing the modern gentleman’s wardrobe, but there is so much more to the classic cufflink than initially meets the eye. Traditional or contemporary, bold or subtle; it is undeniable that cufflinks make the ultimate statement about the man who chooses to include them in his choice of outfit.

So, from personalised cufflinks to more fun, novelty pieces, cufflinks have the ability to make an outfit by giving it that extra special touch of class and elegance. But how much do you know about this much-loved accessory? Here at Tateossian, we have put together a comprehensive guide to help ensure that you get the most out of your favourite pair of cufflinks.

A Brief History of Cufflinks

The first reported occurrence of cufflinks being worn was back in the 1600s, although it wasn’t until much later when they became more widely adopted. Originally, cuffs on shirts were held together closed by ribbons or buttons, but in the mid-1800s, the upper classes began to set the trend for more elaborate, decorative fastenings – the modern-day cufflink was born.

Since then, the cufflink experienced a large rise in popularity which continued into the 1900s before slowly declining as the majority of men preferred shirts manufactured with buttons as opposed to the traditional cufflinks. However, luckily, that downward trend has since reversed and cufflinks have experienced a revival in popularity which is still continuing to this day.

The Different Types of Cufflinks

Of course, the rich history of cufflinks has understandably had a significant impact on the wide variety of different styles and designs that are available. But with so many different types of cufflinks out there, it can be difficult to find your perfect match.

When it comes to cufflinks, there are many different contributing factors which can have an impact on the finished product. From design elements like colour, style and material right through to the nuts and bolts of the design with shape and fastening, cufflinks have personalities as diverse as the men who choose to wear them.

If you need help discovering the perfect type of cufflink for you, here are some of the different types of cufflinks:

Toggle Closure

Toggle closure cufflinks are the type of cufflink you will most commonly see, largely thanks to the fact that they are highly secure and easy to put on.

Fixed Back

Durable and long-lasting, fixed back cufflinks will make the perfect wardrobe companion to last the duration. They are also a traditional option, something which only increases their popularity. The post and backing are one part which is then joined to the back of the accessory, providing much more scope for a greater variety of design.

Whale Back

Whale back cufflinks are one of the smallest types of cufflink available, perfect for that subtle yet stylish look. In this design, the post is hollow, adding to their everyday versatility and ease of wear.

Bullet Back

Simple in design yet striking in appearance, bullet back cufflinks feature a cylinder set between a pair of bars which can be turned to secure the link in place. Minimalist yet luxury, bullet back cufflinks simply ooze class and elegance.


Traditional and incredibly versatile, chain cufflinks make great companions for the gentleman who loves to accessorise. The visible part of the cufflink is worn on both sides of the cuff while the chain connects these two parts and ensures movement is not restricted. Chain cufflinks are also available in a wide range of innovative designs, from subtle pieces to designer favourites.

Ball Return

One of the more complex styles of cufflink, ball return links can feature a whole host of different varieties which can vary from one design to the next. Sleek and eye-catching, these cufflinks will make a great fit for your outfit.


Similar to whale back cufflinks, stud cufflinks are comparatively small and compact. Their neatness and style lend them to those who favour the minimalist look, whereas their lightweight nature makes them an even more desirable choice of accessory.


The knotted cufflink is an instantly eye-catching accessory with the ability to draw you in and dazzle at any event. Providing the perfect way to add an extra touch of personality to your look, every gentleman should have a pair of knotted cufflinks in his wardrobe.

Making Cufflinks Your Own

There is much more to styling cufflinks than simply picking out a design you like. Your entire outfit should reflect your individual personality and showcase who you are as a person – how can you do that without paying careful attention to your choice of cufflinks?

Of course, luxury accessories like precious gold cufflinks have the ability to really bring the wow factor, but you also need to ensure that your choice of cufflinks complements your wardrobe in the best possible way. For instance, if you prefer a striking yet more subtle choice of design, mechanical cufflinks are sure to make a great talking point whenever you are out and about. You should always aim to make a style statement and ensure that you are leading the fashion pack, no matter the occasion.

Contrary to popular belief, cufflinks are actually one of the most stylish and versatile accessories; with so many different varieties available, it’s no wonder why the cufflink remains king of the modern gentleman’s attire.

No matter whether you prefer wearing cufflinks in the office, at formal occasions or just as a classy addition to an everyday outfit, now that you are familiar with some of the most popular types of cufflinks, you will soon be well on your way towards developing your own personal cufflink style.

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