Capsule Wardrobe Accessory Essentials

Jul 11 ,2017
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The capsule wardrobe – a fashion trend which has recently been taking the world by storm. While the process of eliminating the unnecessary, old or unworn components of your wardrobe may sound like a great idea, it can often result in the majority of your accessories getting left by the wayside.

From designer jewellery pieces to luxury watches, stylish shoes, bags and jackets, when you only have a limited amount of wardrobe space available, it can become all too easy to focus on the bigger pieces and leave your accessories in the dust. However, as every true fashionista knows, it is the accessories which really have the ability to transform an ordinary outfit into an outstanding one. For that reason, here at Tateossian, we are ready to champion the power of the carefully-chosen accessory within the confines of your capsule wardrobe.

Usually, capsule wardrobes are seen as solutions only for women. But why shouldn’t the same concept work for everyone? After all, if you constantly find yourself wading through a mass of never-worn and never-will-wear clothes just to find the piece you actually want, it’s about time you had a clear out and slimmed down your wardrobe.

The exact number of pieces a capsule wardrobe should contain varies from person to person. Some prefer a very strict, limited number, while others are much more flexible and don’t bind themselves to a set amount. Similarly, depending on your personal tastes and what you need to get out of your wardrobe, the capacity for accessories will also fluctuate. But with that in mind, there are some accessories which are absolute musts for the modern gentleman’s capsule collection.


A definite must for the office worker, a reliable pair of luxury cufflinks are the ideal way to add a touch of class, elegance and sophistication to your formal attire. Opt for a pair of minimal cufflinks for everyday use, or choose personalised cufflinks to showcase your style at formal events like weddings or important business meetings. If subtle style isn’t really your bag, then why not go for some bright, bold or novelty cufflinks to really express your individuality?

Designer Jewellery

Depending on your personal style preferences, at least one stand-out piece of designer jewellery is a must-have when it comes to your capsule wardrobe. Whether you prefer some stackable bracelets, a necklace or a ring, luxury jewellery has the ability to instantly transform any outfit.


Every man needs a good-quality watch. Whether you wear yours every day or only on special occasions, a designer watch is the ultimate gentleman’s accessory. Go for a sleek metallic design for the minimalistic approach, or alternatively, a smart leather strap adds a little more personality to your outfit.

Of course, your choice of accessories should be an entirely personal decision. If you are looking for the perfect accessories to complete your capsule wardrobe, simply browse our website for the ultimate designer jewellery style inspiration. 

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