A Gentleman's Guide to Wedding Cufflinks

May 31 ,2018
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A quintessential piece of fashionable men’s jewellery, cufflinks have been in use for decades to finish the gentleman’s formal look. Ideal for giving as a gift or bought to celebrate an important event. Cufflinks make great wedding keepsakes and are a beautiful representation of importance when gifted to the male wedding members, from the groom and father of the bride to the groom’s best man and groomsmen.

What Are Cufflinks?

Cufflinks have been a part of the gentleman’s wardrobe from the 1600’s but grew in popularity later during the end of the 18th century. Developed alongside the men’s shirt, modern metal cufflinks were introduced during a time starched cuffs were too stiff to secure with a single button. Progress during the early 1900s saw different types of materials and colours introduced, including geometric patterns, which were extremely popular.

Considered jewellery items, cufflinks are used to fasten the cuffs of dress shirts with buttonholes on either side of the cuff. An alternative to sewed buttons on cuffs, most common cufflink designs have a rotating toggle that is inserted through both buttonholes and turned to secure in place.

There are variations in design with differences between locking mechanisms, for instance, Stud/Button Cufflinks which are considered more secure but take longer to fasten. Chain-Link cufflinks are the most traditional and offer a looser cuff but have less space for a decorated face. Silk Knot cufflinks are used in less formal situations or in the office and are commonly made from multiple colours of yarn.

How to Wear Cufflinks?

Cufflinks are worn either on single cuffs or doubled-black French cuffs. Single cuffs are standard dress shirts with holes on both sides of the cuff opening. While French cuffs have two holes on either side of the opening, and once the cuff is flipped back on itself, the holes line up to be secured.

Cuffs can be fastened in one of two ways, the more common “kissing” cuffs, where the hemmed-edges of the cuff are pushed together – seen at traditional events and weddings. Or less common, “barrel” cuffs, where the material is overlapped and held – a slimmer-looking style most commonly seen used by businessmen.

Choosing A Cufflink Material

Cufflinks are manufactured in a wide range of materials from valuable metals such as gold and platinum to more durable materials including carbon fibre and titanium. For formal affairs, precious metals look best, set with dazzling crystals, colourful precious stones or striking mother of pearl.

Titanium and carbon fibre are more versatile in their uses, suitable for most events, in addition to glass, enamel, gun-metal and stainless steel. Silk knots and shiny sterling silver cufflinks are best kept for casual or informal occasions.

You’ll also want to consider the pairing when choosing a cufflink material, coloured metals or precious stones will need to complement clothing and may be restricted to certain outfits. Particularly when choosing cufflinks for a gift, consider precious metals and silver-colour designs that are more adaptable to multiple suits and styles.


Cufflinks make a wonderful gift for the special man in your life. Particularly from a bride to her groom or father of the bride, or from a groom to his best-man or groomsmen. For these special events, you may want to step away from the traditional solid-colour design and choose something unique to the gift-receiver.

Personalised cufflinks make a wonderful gift and can be designed to include both the receiver’s initials and the date of the event – perfect for a life-long keepsake.

Alternatively, choose a novelty design, there are plenty of luxury novelty cufflinks on the market that offer a perfect reflection of the wearer’s personality.

Choosing Cufflinks for a Wedding

You are attending the special day of someone who considers you a big enough part of their life that they’d like to celebrate this big move together. It’s only natural you want to look your best.

Find out whether this will be a full-fledged black-tie affair or if the event will be more informal and relaxed. From here, you can make the decision on what would be a suitable accompaniment.

Should you be tasked with choosing cufflinks for an important wedding party member, there are few things to take into consideration.

Groom’s Cufflinks

The groom is the centre of attention alongside his wife-to-be, so it’s important he looks his best. Consider choosing cufflinks made of a precious metal with a decorated face to represent the happy-couples journey together. Alternatively, for a more relaxed wedding, consider a set of high-quality novelty cufflinks that reflect the groom’s personality.

Father of the Bride Cufflinks

While not the centre of attention, the Father of the Bride plays a special role on the day of walking the bride down the aisle. To him, it’ll be a fond memory that he looks back on for years to come. Consider cufflinks that differ in design from standard knots or plain faces, selecting novelty or a set of personalised cufflinks that celebrate his role in his daughter’s life.

Best Man’s Cufflinks

The groom’s best man is usually his nearest and dearest friend, whether this is a brother, cousin or friend from childhood. By asking them to join him on his special day, the bond is further cemented between them. Choose cufflinks that represent their time together, either through interests or memorable activities.

Groomsmen’s Cufflinks

While not as an important as the role of best-man, the groomsmen are a select group of individuals who are there to offer support and celebrate the groom’s special day. Matching cufflinks with a slight individual flare make the perfect gift and ensure the group are recognised for their importance to the groom.

While cufflinks may be seen more commonly in black-tie and formal events, they are growing in popularity for relaxed and informal occasions. In particular, it is more common to see businessman sporting a pair of classic, high-quality cufflinks today than several years ago.

Cufflinks offer a fashionable option of showing a bit of personality while ensuring you look the part and are a subtle way to introduce some colour and interest to your wardrobe.

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