10 Male Fashion Icons for 2018

Mar 04 ,2018
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2018 has already seen many men grace the cover of magazines such as GQ dressed in stylish and suave outfits. Many have chosen to wear a suit and tie paired with a set of designer cufflinks while others have gone for a more dressed down look.

Each of the men listed below has been added due to their personal style or extensive knowledge in fashion. Without further ado, here are our ten male fashion icons to watch out for over the year ahead.

Ryan Reynolds

Known for his role in the movie Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds can usually be seen sporting a classic suit. The father of two is famous for many things but not least his iconic fashion sense - he seems able to pull off any coloured suit with a stylish and suave look.

Andrew Garfield

American star Andrew Garfield is another movie star who has been seen in many different roles, but he has also been on the cover of men's magazine GQ. Usually wearing a shirt and trousers, we feel the actor should definitely be on the list this year.

Prince Harry 

The famous British Prince who recently announced his upcoming nuptials simply had to make the list. Prince Harry never leaves the palace without looking suave and sophisticated. Of course, he’s required to look smart, but even on casual occasions he never fails to impress with his wardrobe. Our fashionable and opulent 'Black Diamond Harry Bracelet' meets the mark in our unique black gold collection, making you feel like royalty!

Tinie Tempah

English rapper, singer and songwriter Tinie Tempah may come as a surprise, but he is well-known for his quirky sense of style. Dressing in daring colours such as bright red and orange and accessorising with quirky bow ties and various hats, the rapper has certainly got his own sense of style sorted.

Eddie Redmayne

Very rarely will you see Eddie Redmayne dressed in anything other than a suit. The British actor has appeared in hit films such as Les Miserables and The Theory of Everything, but with a sense of style such as his, that classic look earns him a spot on our list.

Roger Federer

Professional tennis player Roger Federer has also made the list for his keen fashion sense both on and off the court. Switching from his stylish tennis gear to a suave and sophisticated suit in the evening, the father of four should be ranked highly in fashion as well as tennis.

Zayn Malik

Popular singer-songwriter Zayn Malik impressed with his eccentric yet stylish wardrobe in 2017 and as his career faces further progression his style seems to be following suit. As one of the most famous young men in Britain, he is a definite style icon.

Idris Elba

Another man who will never be caught wearing anything unfashionable, Idris Elba can usually be seen wearing a stylish suit. However, the Luther star can also be seen occasionally sporting a plain top with a set of stylish jeans. He is definitely one to watch this year.

Tom Hiddleston 

British actor Tom Hiddleston is one man who really goes all out when wearing a suit. Numerous times he has been snapped wearing a stylish tie clip or a set of designer cufflinks and he continues to wow with his great style.

Harry Styles

Singer, songwriter and actor, Harry Styles is a man with many strings to his bow. Seen in various outfits, his style is one that has captured the attention of many, enabling him to add 'fashionista' to his incredible list of accomplishments. From bright colours and bold patterns to a plain black suit, he is definitely one who knows how to stand out.

With all of these style icons to watch out for, it appears that 2018 could well be an outstanding year for fashion. Many of these icons have stuck to a classic suit paired with a set of designer cufflinks, while others dare to go for something a little more eccentric. Whichever style you prefer, the message remains the same - it's entirely up to you how you want to dress.

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