The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift for the Man in Your Life

Jan 19 ,2018
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Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and with that comes the need to find the perfect gift for the gentleman in your life. However, men can be incredibly difficult to buy for, particularly if they don’t give you any clues about what they might want!

However, there’s no need to panic. Show him how much you care with the perfect gift from Tateossian - whether he prefers designer cufflinks or luxury watches, there will be a gift for every taste. Pick something unique you know he will love that is unique and suited to his personality whilst remaining stylish and elegant.

Luxury Watches
Watches are practical and stylish, but most of all they are a great gift. If the man in your life is a regular gym-goer or runner, the Racing Time Watch was made for him. Perfect for the gentleman with an active lifestyle, this watch is water resistant and comes in four different colours, enabling you to easily pick one to suit his individual personality. However, if your man prefers to present a more classic appearance and regularly wears a suit and tie, the Eclipse Watch from Tateossian could make the perfect gift. Stylish and elegant, this timepiece shows the sun's cycle and enables the wearer to read the time in the dark with its glowing dials.

Designer Cufflinks for Work and Leisure
Perfect for suit wearers, cufflinks have always been used in a practical manner to keep shirt sleeves together. But cufflinks can be used for both work and leisure - nowhere does it say that men can’t wear a shirt outside the office. For the day-to-day corporate environment, something stylish yet subtle might be best. A set of Cable Cushion Silver Cufflinks, for example, would look elegant with any suit and tie. However, when it comes to everyday fashion, this is his chance to get creative with his cufflinks. This is where his hobbies and interests can come into contact with his style. For the man with a passion for cars, a set of Vintage Car Cufflinks may be perfect as they will reflect his hobby whilst giving him a stylish accessory ideal for evenings and weekends.

Bracelets for All Occasions
Whether the man in your life wears a suit and tie or something a little more relaxed, a bracelet is the perfect accessory to match. Simple and stylish, a Double Wrap Two-Tone Pop Bracelet would look perfect on any man’s wrist. Subtle and understated, this is the ultimate elegant accessory. However, if the man in your life prefers to wear his bracelets as more of a statement then the Paper Clip Micro Pave Macrame Bracelet would be perfect. Standing out and catching the eye, this bracelet is guaranteed to dazzle.
So, whether you decide to buy the gentleman in your life designer cufflinks or a luxury watch, make sure that you choose something you know he will love. Valentine's Day is all about showing your feelings; what better way to say 'I love you' than with a well thought out gift?

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