Perfect Bracelet for Every Occasion

Apr 28 ,2017
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The Perfect Bracelet for Every Occasion

Bracelets are a jewellery staple for many – whether a standalone glamorous piece or stackable more casual favourites, they can be the perfect accompaniment for both formal and informal ensembles. Picking the right wristwear for your outfit is a skill in itself that many have honed over the years! Style this good never comes easy.

A lot of care and consideration goes into preparing for any event or occasion, whether it is for another day at the office, heading out with friends for a meal or attending an exclusive party with VIP guests all dressing to impress.

Among the many accessories of choice, luxury bracelets add personality to your outfit – picking the perfect one is never simple, but when you get it right, your confidence will grow to an all-time high.

In and Out of the Office

Some items are suitable for all situations, while others are not. As a style icon, you should know what accessory works best and when.

The modern gentlemen may look to cover all bases with Tateossian’s stunning collection of leather and classic designer bracelets. These items can be worn along with a smart cuffed shirt in the office, and out on the town for a night out with friends or your significant other.

Ladies can add a touch of elegance with their choice of wristwear – with options as varied as gemstone bracelets, charms and rose gold chains, there is an item to suit any occasion. At Tateossian, we understand the importance of personalising your outfit, and that is why we are proud to offer personalised cufflinks that will complement your choice of bracelet impeccably.

Luxury Bracelets for Men and Women

 As bracelets are often worn by both sexes, many items from our collection will act as the ideal accompaniment for outfits worn by either a man or woman. Silver and gold bracelets will suit either a modern gentleman’s suit ensemble or an elegant lady’s blouse or dress.

Take pride in your appearance and ensure that your bracelet gives an insight into your personality – an outfit should be a reflection of the person wearing it. Remember that the perfect accessory, no matter how small, can change your style from flat to electrifying in an instant.

Add a Touch of Luxe

When attending a formal gathering filled with only the most VIP guests, stepping up your approach is a must. For times such as these, you must call upon only your most precious designer jewellery items – anything less simply won’t cut it.

Tateossian’s gold and precious range of designer bracelets are best for such formal occasions – with one of our most luxurious items, you will be certain to stand out from the crowd.

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