Five Essential Pieces of Luxury Jewellery

Jun 10 ,2017
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Five Essential Pieces of Luxury Jewellery for the Modern Gentleman

Everyone has a signature look that they bring out for only the most special occasions. That one outfit nobody else wears quite like you do, the way you style your hair, and that piece of luxury jewellery that finishes off the outfit.

What is your go-to accessory for the party? Is it the same piece that you wear to work? And do you wear something different for those easy Sunday mornings?

Of course, you do, because as a modern gentleman you understand that a signature look doesn't mean wearing the same look. In order to maintain your level of style without looking like a one-trick pony, below we have listed our five favourite pieces of luxury jewellery that every man should have in their repertoire.

Pure Silver Bracelet

There are various styles of luxury bracelets from which to choose, from beaded pieces to leather bracelets and everything in between. If you are on the prowl for a piece that can be worn for any occasion, then you simply cannot go wrong with Tateossian's range or Pure Silver Bracelets.

Stunning and remarkable in equal measure, a gentleman sporting one of these fine accessories immediately puts himself one step ahead of the game.

Luxury Jewellery Rings

Rings have become quite the popular accessory among the men, and it is easy to see why. From quirky and colourful rings to thick silver and gold - the modern gentleman has a wide range to choose from. The Octagonal Diamond Ring makes for the complete subtle, yet, statement-making look.

Shirt Studs

The tuxedo is a classic, sported by many a style icon through the years. To complete this timeless look, Tateossian offers an irresistible collection of shirt studs that add an air of personality to your otherwise formal attire.


Cufflinks are the most versatile piece of luxury jewellery a man can own. They are perfect to style any outfit, be it a tuxedo or a casual blazer on jeans. A pair of classy silver cufflinks is a must own in your jewellery trousseau.

Eclipse Watch

Arguably the most important accessory that a man can wear is his watch. Stylish yet practical, quintessential yet essential, the watch has a bigger purpose in life than simply telling its owner what the time is. Tateossian's Eclipse Watch is a prime example of how one can transform from a mid-card talent into a main-eventer.

This is just a snapshot of our favourite pieces that every fashionista should own. With a killer piece of luxury jewellery as part of your ensemble, your signature look will be the look that everyone remembers at the end of the night.

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