The Colours of Summer 2017

Aug 14 ,2017
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The Colours of Summer 2017 (And How to Own Them)

The theme of this summer sees a miniature throwback to the 1980’s, with bright striking colours ruling the street. In a sea of bright contrasting colours, a true fashionista always shines brightest.

Men and women’s fashion over the last few years has been working in tandem, while the latter’s summer colour has remained bright and striking, the former is slowly introducing eye-catching colour schemes. It is little wonder why this summer has been dubbed as a throwback to the 80’s.

With matching designer jewellery, the fashionista can wear any of this season’s colours with confidence.

Clashing Colours

As the fashion scene encourages individuality, demanding that fashion followers let loose and tell the world who they are, the latest trends are most certainly not for the shy and retiring type. This summer we are clashing colours, creating a unique blend that turns heads for all the right reasons.

When wearing a daring outfit that projects who you are, low key yet elegant personalised jewellery beautifully finishes off your ensemble. A rose gold luxury bracelet when worn with clashing styles of pink and purple will compliment your outfit without looking out of place, maintaining your summer look.

Vibrant Orange and Yellow

Both men and women will be seen wearing orange and yellow outfits this summer with the objective to turn heads. Work or play, these colours will dominate our style this season and set the tone for the summer.

There are two ways in which the fashionista can own these lively colours. Either with refined finishing touches that keep the attention firmly on your prominent threads or by wearing jewellery that is out there, pulling off the ensemble as only you can. There is no shine like the glimmer of gold or shimmer of silver men’s bracelets as an accompaniment to your effervescent outfit.


In a summer that is ruled by bright and contrasting colours, it may take some by surprise to learn that one of this season’s key looks is beige. Disregard your preconceptions, as this colour when blended with various tones and saturations brings a sleek look fit for any man.

To own the beige look, an out-there necklace and pendant is a must. This will bring added life to your ensemble, oozing of class and sophistication – perfect for when you are out and about with friends and colleagues.

Whatever colours you wear, making use of accessories will keep you at the top of the tree as you enjoy the fruits of summer.

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